young living diffusers comparison

Young living diffusers comparison

Young living diffusers comparison

Are you looking for a Young Living diffusers comparison? Young Living has so many diffusers, and there are few that I would call premium diffusers because of the extra special features on each of them. What is a diffuser? What makes their diffuser unique? Since the price point is a little bit higher, therefore, is it worth it? Do you need a diffuser to use your essential oils? 

A diffuser’s primary usage is to break essential oils into smaller molecules and disperse them into the air. It will give a calming effect and a pleasant aroma throughout the room, depending on the essential oils you choose. 

It will make the room more comfortable and smells fantastic. The aroma can shift your mood, thoughts, and conscious awareness. It can also create a soothing and safe environment for you. 

So to answer the last question, yes, it is highly recommended to own a diffuser. You will be able to share the benefits with your whole family. I have diffusers in every space of my home, and it helps a lot in providing calmness and creating a positive atmosphere. 

The different diffuser design gives a personal appeal to each and every one. Therefore let’s dive into the top two premium diffusers made by Young Living and their description. For information on desert mist diffuser, lantern diffuser, and few others, see this post that includes a complete young living diffuser comparison chart.


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Nebulizing Diffuser vs Ultrasonic Diffuser

1. Nebulizing Diffuser

The nebulizer doesn’t use water instead it will atomize the oil into fine particles for dispersion. One example is Young Living Aromalux Diffuser. Nebulizers will have more oil concentration and therefore may consume the oil at a higher rate. Therefore a nebulizer may have a timer with a stopping interval. The master timer may run at a specified time and in addition, you may set up a time interval to stop the nebulizer.

2. Ultrasonic Diffuser

The Ultrasonic diffuser will have a water tank with an ultrasonic vibration plate in the middle. Water is required to mix with the oils and there is a built-in fan to disperse the diffused oil. One example is Young Living Aria Diffuser.

Young Living Aria Diffuser 

Aria Diffuser is unique and gives a spa-like atmosphere to your home or office. It has the latest diffuser technology with new features.

It also has its remote control, where you can choose the built-in sounds, run time, and bright LED light colors. Young Living Aria Diffuser is unique as it lets you plug in your music device and enjoy it through the internal speakers. 

The Aria Diffuser is made from a durable American maple base and a glass dome with a little bit of laboratory-inspired design. I love the remote control, as it allows me to turn it on and change the music’s volume from any spot in the room. The remote control is from the same material as the diffuser. 

Young living diffusers comparison
Young living Aria Diffuser (left), Gentle mist diffuser (middle), Desert mist diffuser (right)
Whenever you visit a spa, there will be relaxing music played throughout the place, and don’t you wish you could have it at home too? With Aria Diffuser, 12 soothing music played through the internal speakers precisely like the spa music. Or, if you have your own favorite playlist, you could always plug it into the diffuser using the AV cord provided. The fun fact about the Aria diffuser is it could run up to 12 hours with automatic shutoff and cover about 430 sq. ft. room. Therefore if you have a bigger space, this is an excellent option to consider. You can also accessorize the diffuser! I found terrific designs for the dome from Chelllly Ever Oily. There is also a cute dream catcher here to complement your home decoration. Check out my post here on how to use the diffuser and how to clean it too.

Young Living Aromalux Diffuser

AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser is a nebulizing diffuser. You must be wondering what a nebulizing diffuser is and how different it could be from ultrasonic. 

Firstly nebulizing diffuser does not use water; but instead, it uses the essential oil neat. So you will need to attach the essential oil bottle to the diffuser.

It will pump and create a vacuum that pulls fine particles of the essential oil up and sprays it into the air. The ultimate goal is the same as an ultrasonic diffuser, but it did it differently. 

The essential oil is dispersed faster and at a higher concentration.

The AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser functions as an aroma diffuser, air purifier, and atomizer in one device. It is also the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition diffuser designed by D. Gary Young. 

Young living diffusers comparison
Young Living AromaLux Diffuser.

Benefits of AromaLux Atomizing Diffuser

  • Atomizes a microfine essential oil vapor
  • An easy and quick bottle replacement system
  • Master timer off switch with 1-10 hours of diffusion
  • Adjustable diffusion run and pause timers (1-20 minutes)
  • Vapor volume output control
  • Five LED light settings
  • Compatible with both 5 ml and 15 ml Young Living essential oil bottles

How Do You Use AromaLux Diffuser? 

  • Remove the top from the diffuser base
  • Attach either 5 ml or 15 ml Young Living essential oil to the atomizer top
  • Place the top with the bottle attached back into the diffuser base
  • Adjust the settings for vapor volume, master timer, diffusion run/pause timer
  • Turn on the switch and adjust the LED light setting

How Do You Clean AromaLux Diffuser?

Since AromaLux is a nebulizing diffuser, there is a different way to clean it up.

  • Regularly run the diffuser with a clean bottle filled with 5-10 ml of rubbing alcohol until it’s empty.
  • For the atomizer top, remove it from the diffuser base, remove the dip tube, and attached a 15 ml bottle containing rubbing alcohol.
  • Cover the oil vapor exit with your finger or wet tissues, shake it to force the alcohol into the upper chamber.
  • Sometimes the essential oil will begin to build up in it if you do not clean it regularly. Always unplug the diffuser before gently wiping the diffuser with mild soap and a soft cloth. 

Which Is the Best Premium Diffuser?

There are a couple of points when comparing both of these models that we need to consider.

Aria is an Ultrasonic diffuser and uses water. While AromaLux is a Nebulizing diffuser that uses the essential oil directly from the bottle. 

AromaLux diffuser is slightly cheaper than Aria, probably because it did not have the extra features such as music and remote control. 

I prefer Aria as it has extra features, and I can also blend my essential oils to diffuse. You may want to check my diffuser blend recipes here for you to try as well. 

Check out the complete comparison of all the Young Living diffusers before you made your decision here. Let us know which diffuser you decide to purchase in the comment below. You can also use my YL distributor no—25505643 as your official sponsor and enroller. 

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